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Looking for the perfect PPC is hard, and even more when you need a very specific type of person. Let’s face it, people aren’t perfect, and if we happened to actually find the perfect PPC (and I know a certain
website that can get you a lot closer to one), we very certainly could not afford it. And that’s fine, everyday we are surrounded by a lot of people, some we want to kill, but also some we adore, and they aren’t perfect. So when we are looking for a PPC, we should always try and find the ones that are the most complete, so we know they can do a very integrated job, and that probably won’t need so many team members to get their jobs done. So today, we’ll dive into some of the reasons why a PPC that’s also a writer (or a good enough writer) can be the best choice to make. 

There’s something about writers that other people just don’t have, and I’m not saying this because I am one. Or maybe I am, but I’m also a big fan of encouraging the Narcissus in everyone’s mind, so perhaps today is my day to do so. And the thing is there really is something about writers, that translates in sharing a witty eloquence, and a fun and clever way to be and approach life. I’m sure most of the people that use creativity to make a living can feel related, and the thing is we do have a different way of being in every aspect possible. So reason number one to hire a PPC that’s also a writer would be having the possibility of sharing life with such an amazing human being. But hey, why don’t we dive into the actual practical aspects of hiring a writing PPC? 

No more worrying about clever headlines 

When you have a PPC specialist that not only knows how to launch and track an Ad but is also good at coming up with clever headlines and wording for them, you have half of the job done. More often than not, the process of deciding which will be catchy, fun, and smart wording for our Display Ads is what takes the longest. And that’s perfectly normal because there’s a whole process into deciding the best way to use our words. And of course, there’s always the chance of hiring a copywriter who’ll probably do a great job. But why not choose a PPC that is actually ready to integrate the writing with the whole campaign they have created?  

They know the competition and know how to beat them (through words) 

Have you ever heard the saying “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, this is just that. Basically, if you have the right wording for your Ads, then you won’t have to burn your competitor’s building to the ground in order to do so. Not that I recommend you to burn anything if you don’t have a writer, though. Anyway, if you have a great PPC that’s good at figuring out who your bigger competitors are, and they also happen to be great at figuring out which will be the wording your audience (because they’ll also be great at targeting audiences) will want to click in. Again, this is an example of how much of a great integrated job a PPC that’s also a writer can do. 

They value grammar and things are done properly 

I can’t think of anything that will get a writer closer to going mad than people mistaking “your” for “you’re”, and this is applied to every aspect of their lives. Typos in Ads can sometimes be an interesting strategy, but I believe it’s safe to say that it will rather never work for real. I could never think of buying something from someone who couldn’t spell a word correctly, considering the many checking parts an Ad has before going live. So unless it’s incredibly well used, I believe we should always make a priority of avoiding these sorts of things. And guess what? A PPC that’s also a writer will not only be good at the checking part, their own minds won’t let them go ahead and launch an Ad that has a typo in it. Furthermore, their minds probably won’t let them launch anything that is not 100% properly done at all. 

They are creative souls 

I believe this one applies to anyone whose job or passion is at all related to some way of art, but today we are doing a sort of Catiline Orations for writers (and whom other than a writer could pull up that kind of reference?) so we’ll focus on their creative souls. This asset doesn’t only help create awesome wording for your Ads, it’s also something that can add a lot of value to your entire PPC strategy because it brings a new and different approach to the usual way of creating and launching an Ad campaign. Creative souls like these don’t come with just anyone, and when we find them it’s very important that we make the most of that experience. 

So basically I believe there’s no one as a writer PPC to come up and deliver amazingly creative and well-integrated Display Campaigns. Do you want awesome headlines? You got it! Do you want to launch and track your Ad? You got it too! Because that’s what it comes with working with PPCs that also know how to come up with brilliantly built wordings. So hey, after reading all of these amazing pros, why not go ahead and give it a try?