904, 2021

Should you look for a PPC through your social network?

By |April 9, 2021|Blog|

This article was first published to More often than not, when we are looking to hire someone, we found ourselves asking our friends and colleagues if there’s someone they know that could be a good fit. We trust them, we know (hopefully) that they are smart people and that they know […]

2203, 2021

Is there a fun way to meet other PPCs?

By |March 22, 2021|Blog|

This article was first published in The world moves on, another day another technology advances, how hard is it to stay updated on everything all the time? I know, exhausting. Whenever you think you are fully updated, you’ve read every single news and technology portal, and there is nothing else you could […]

1903, 2021

Should I hire a PPC agency or an individual expert?

By |March 19, 2021|Blog|

This article was first published in So this week we are going to be discussing an issue that’s many times disregarded but that’s actually something that we should pay a lot of attention to: Should we hire a PPC individual expert or a specialized agency? Both options have their pros and […]

Yes, this is a free public service and no, we're not paid for it

Here's a problem with asking for recommendations online: the recommender is usually getting paid in some form. Perhaps it is a huge ad placement on Clutch, or perhaps it is a commission or perhaps they're really an affiliate partner. At Find a PPC, we're not getting any compensation or bonus, but flipping the question on its head: how can we best serve our certified members? As long as a PPC is participating in our community, we want to give them as many benefits as possible. And a good, on-target client for them is a great benefit, isn't it? We think so!

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