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So last week we dove into whether or not we should hire a PPC that’s also a writer, and we figured that it was a great qualification to have in our employee. So to keep up that same storyline, today we’ll be discussing which are the main pros and cons of having a PPC that, besides being an amazing
Ad specialist, can also create fantastic illustrations and images for the campaigns they build. 

We’ve already been talking about how important the fit is when hiring a PPC,  and the thing is this takes even more importance when we are hiring a PPC with an artsy side. The thing is artists usually have a rather different state of mind than usual people. Either if we are talking about their strong opinions, their taste, their independent selves, or even how much of a creative and innovative point of view they can add, it’s a guarantee that working with artists is not the same as working with people that aren’t. And, if you are into it, then that’s awesome and life will be a parade. However, if this is not what you are looking for in a PPC, then you may want to think about it again. So, to help you figure out which side of history you are, let’s dive into what concerns us today, shall we? 

No more worries about outsourcing illustrations 

Whenever you are creating or brainstorming the Ad campaign you’ll launch next, there are a lot of steps to figure out. Choosing your target audience, how much information you want to include, which will be the witty and catchy wording, and which will be the amazing illustration that will catch everyone’s attention. If you are hiring a PPC, then you must have a general list of qualifications that you need them to have. And so you must have them for whoever the person that will actually make the design for the Ads. So, if you hire a PPC that’s also a designer, you are combining these two things altogether. 

They are masterminds about your industry and theirs

As an obvious consequence of the previous point, if you have a PPC that fills up all your requirements for your own industry, and that is also a brilliant designer, then you have an incredibly valuable employee that you don’t want to miss out on. You know the saying “An image is worth a thousand words”? Well, in an industry where you actually have a maximum amount of words (that shouldn’t surpass ten of them), how useful is it to have a PPC expert that can guarantee to create the most amazing image that will fit perfectly every campaign you want to launch? Yes, super useful. So basically, by hiring an expert on PPC, and on graphic design as well, you are making sure that you’ll have a more than capable employee that will make literally the most of your Display Ad campaigns. 

They have impeccable taste 

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen an Ad and said “who even approved this image?”, I’m sure I’d be right by Elon Musk in the top world’s billionaires. Or maybe not, but might as well exaggerate a little bit to make my point. When it’s Display Ads that we are talking about, then the images and illustrations that we choose actually make a huge difference. It’s not the same to use a generic picture downloaded from a random website, as actually having a design expert figuring out the best fits for our Ads. When we are talking about an industry as competitive as Display Advertising, every advantage we can use matters, and especially these kinds. So, by deciding to add “design skills” to your list of qualifications for your PPC, you are guaranteeing that your Ads will not only have beautiful illustrations among them but also ones that will be a perfect match for them. So you can sleep at night knowing that your Ads will not look like a very messy scrapbook. 

They have strong opinions 

I believe this is a personality trait that all artists share, and the fact is that neither of them can keep their opinions to themselves, or remain neutral about something. I’m not saying this is a bad or a good thing itself (and I do not intend to dive into that philosophical debate either), but it’s definitely something to consider before going ahead and hiring a designer PPC. Basically, if you are looking for a robot-apparent PPC, that will do a good job as it is required, and then go home, then hiring an artist might make things difficult for you. However, if you want to bring someone to your workplace that will have opinions, ideas, suggestions, and general comments about anything happening, then hiring a PPC with artsy skills, design in this case, will be an amazing move to make. Since they are creative souls by nature, you can be sure that they’ll never remain neutral or boring towards the tasks that you assign them, and that they’ll always find a way to fit their style into it, as they remain innovative and adequate. 

An important tangent to dive into, as we are talking about your employee’s opinions, is how well you can cope with criticism. The thing with artists is that they are all about expressing themselves, and will not resist it for long. So, if they think you had a terrible idea, they will probably not hesitate to let you know. And, if you are good at handling that, it can be a great asset to have someone that will be honest with you about it, and that will actually be trustworthy whenever they say an idea is great. However, if you are not so great at it, then I’d recommend that you stick with a normal PPC, that will probably filter their truths to you in order to keep you as happy as possible. 

So, to conclude, I believe that there are no perfect employees and that no PPC will ever fulfill your complete list of requirements. And, if it did, you probably couldn’t afford it. However, I think it’s really important to highlight the fact that hiring a PPC that doesn’t just know about the Display Ad world, but also about design, can get you a lot closer to your Marketing goals. And just like that, you’ll have a work environment much more creative, innovative, and full of people who like to speak their minds.