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It’s frustrating to find the right PPC to work with you on your Google Ads/Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads campaigns. Too many low-quality PPCs. Too many PPCs who aren’t specialists in your area. But PPC Certification is proud to offer this (free!) service to help solve this problem and recommend the right PPC for you, based on your needs and your preferred style.

Who are we?

Find a PPC is a free service sponsored by PPC Certification, the Certification Agency of PPCs (Pay Per Click specialists) who work with Google Ads (aka Adwords), Facebook and Instagram Ads, Amazon Ads, and (of course… last but not least) Bing Ads. We are a community of high-quality, and high-end PPCs of many different styles and approaches. On our PPC Certification site you can also find lists of PPCs by specialization and choose a PPC who may be a good fit for you there, as well.

But of course: it’s not just about the PPC you’re looking for; it’s about you. How do you work? What is your preferred work style? In the classic project management trade-off (do you want your work cheap, fast, or with a wide scope? Pick two!) only you can make that trade-off. Do you prefer high-tech or hand-holding and education? There’s no right or wrong answer; you just need a PPC who works in your preferred style. And that’s what we recommend.

Just answer these questions, and we’ll recommend a few Certified PPCs that we think are good fits for you

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    Let us know about the company, so we can make a good recommendation.

  • Important because I prefer recommending niche specialists who know your space
  • Important because a different type of PPC is good for tiny campaigns as compared to huge ones
  • Important because every PPC company is better at one platform than another.
  • Important because client managing with small companies is different than for bigger ones.
  • Your Preferences

    You need not just a great PPC, but a great PPC for you.

  • Important because a successful working relationship needs matching work styles.
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