What is Find a PPC all about?

Find a PPC is a project of PPC Certification, the leading outside pay per click marketing certification organization for pay per click advertising on Google, Facebook, Bing, and Amazon.

Here’s the thing: PPC Certification has hundreds of awesome, certified PPCs. And some are booked full, but others are looking for clients. Why not help them find the right client?

We have a unique approach towards matching PPCs with clients: you tell us what you’re looking for, and we make a few personalized recommendations just for you.

The best part? We get no commission. This is just a service for our certified PPCs!

Actually, I exaggerated when I wrote above that the fact that there’s no fee is the best part. There’s something even better:

We don’t only look for PPCs who are good to introduce you to; but those who have a similar style that is right for you.

Let me explain. A huge portion of success in PPC work isn’t the PPC itself, per se, but how the PPC works with the clients. And often there’s no good and no bad (let’s exclude the truly low quality PPCs: they won’t be certified, anyway!) but just different styles.

Do you want an AI/machine learning first strategy, or an old-fashioned hand-holding strategy? Do you want to work directly with one person, or a project manager who manages people under him? Do you want someone who integrates into your team and provides constant reporting, or someone who will Make Magic Happen, ask questions as needed, and keep you updated?

You need someone who isn’t just good – but who is good for working with you. We match your needs and your style with that of a corresponding PPC.

Have a question? Just ask!

Or want to get started? Just fill out the form on the front page!