Every PPC expert would have a different marketing style. Some prefer to focus on the facts, while others try to play around with different things. Similarly, some users are more attracted to traditional ads, while others find unique and modern ads more appealing. This marketing style or personality can be divided into two main categories, i.e., the right brain and left brain. Both halves of the brain have a different role to play to serve their purpose.

To further understand which marketing skill or style a PPC expert must have, let’s explain each side of the brain in detail.

Right Brain 

Let’s first dig deep into the right-brain marketing skills.

Creativity Can Add a Surprising Element

Right-brained PPC searches for creative ideas to make the ad appealing to the user. This type of PPC is a daydreamer who enjoys creative and different pieces of art to add a surprise element to the ad.

Emotional Touch Can Do Wonders

The ads having emotional appeal can leave a huge impact on the audience. A PPC expert who uses the right brain correctly would know how to add an emotional touch to an ad to make it more attractive to the audience. 

However, if we look at the negative side of it, it might lead the PPC expert to make an impulsive decision. This side of the brain is also more inclined toward sensitive material. So, it depends upon the PPC expert in keeping the balance to avoid making irrational decisions.

Imagination Has Great Power 

Imagination is powerful if a PPC expert knows how to make the best of it. The right half of the brain can help a PPC with his imagination. One’s imagination can end up creating amazing results. For instance, a PPC expert, who uses the right side of his brain, can visualize the design of the ad to end up creating the best graphics.

Problem-Solving Is the Best Skill

A PPC expert can only perform well if he has the best problem-solving skills. That is only possible if he has the ability to think about creative solutions by using his right sid- brain. The word “proble”’ refers to the challenges or issues that a PPC expert would face while running a marketing campaign. It is about presenting creative ideas to the existing problem.

Left Brain

Now, let’s have a look at the left brain to acknowledge its importance for a PPC expert to perform his job.

Informed Decision-Making Can Make or Break a Campaign

At the end of the day, a PPC expert has to take critical decisions that can impact the overall growth and revenue of a business. The left brain can help a PPC expert make calculated decisions using analytic skills. For instance, if a PPC is going to launch a new feature in the marketing campaign based on the persona of the targeted audience, he will need data and analytics to make a sound decision. 

Similarly, a PPC expert can use his left brain to find ways of modifying landing pages, analyze acquisitive incentives to increase profit, and run the campaign that can get the highest ROI. Moreover, a PPC expert would have to be well-versed in Excel and the XLS language. All this can be advantageous by using his left-side brain.

Facts Are Required to Design a Campaign

The left-side brain contains factual information. It helps take the past record or history into account to drive results that are based on facts. A PPC expert can use this side of the brain to learn from the successful campaigns which have worked in the past. It will help him design the advertising campaign to promote the products and services.

The Left-Side Brain Is Verbal and Orderly As Well

Compared to the right side of the brain, the left side verbal and orderly. It is more digital as it helps the PPC expert with things like writing, computation, and reading. For instance, a PPC expert can write a compelling call-to-action to make the audience click on the ad. He can also tweak the words later to make them more attractive. Moreover, verbal communication can help clear the confusion and misunderstanding of the audience.

Logic and Reasoning Are required to Run an Effective Marketing Campaign

The left-side brain deals with logic and reasoning. It looks for the explanation that is required to run a marketing campaign. Likewise, it makes it difficult for the left-minded PPC expert in dealing with uncertainty. A lot of PPC experts don’t know how to make decisions if ambiguity is in the equation. They rely on logic which is 100% correct to make a decision.

A Strong Left Brain Can Tackle SEO

SEO plays the most vital role in running a successful marketing campaign. So, a PPC expert must have a strong left brain to analyze keywords and search for the best ones that can generate leads.

The Bottom Line

After analyzing both halves of the brain, it is important to acknowledge that they complement each other. A PPC expert can derive the best results by combining both sides of the brain. He doesn’t have to use only one side of the brain at a time. Instead, he should use both sides simultaneously. 

Some PPC experts would be on the right side of their brain, while others are on left. However, the best PPC expert would know how to push himself to the other side. Otherwise, he might end up developing a belief in his disabilities, just like how  some students start believing that they suck at maths or arts and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy later. 

So, instead of avoiding things, a PPC expert should invest his efforts in utilizing both halves of his brain effectively.