Hiring a Senior PPC can help you in more than one way. It won’t just optimize your ad campaigns and create a strategy but also train people from other industries for PPC. However, you should know which aspects you should take into account while hiring a senior PPC. There are a lot of agencies and people who claim to do PPC. But how would you know if they are good? Would they be able to tackle the kind of business you are doing?

To answer these questions, you must have a detailed analysis of different aspects and follow a few effective tips while hiring a senior PPC.

Start Searching

The first step to hiring a senior PPC is to start searching right away. After investing ample time and energy in your research, you can start narrowing down the options. The query you search on Google to hire the PPC must be something along these lines: “PPC senior agency, Best Senior PPC Agency, Best Ecommerce Senior PPC Agency, Best Senior PPC expert” and so on. 

Different results will pop up for each query. You can click on each of the sites and dig deeper to determine what kind of service it is and read case studies to see whether it is recognized as an authority or not.

Take Referrals from Colleagues or Friends

Once you are done with the research, you can ask your colleagues about the senior PPC experts or agencies they have hired in the past. However, you should not leave the question open-ended for them to understand. Instead, you must give a detailed insight into your price point, level of spend, kind of business, and type of campaign. 

Also, don’t ask every random person for a referral. Ask those colleagues or friends who are running the same kind of business as you. But don’t consider their referrals as final words. The senior PPC expert they have worked with might not have the relevant experience for your specific type of company or business.

Culture Fit

The senior PPC you hire must also be a perfect culture fit. The way he works must work for your specific type of business. The work style and personality are the two most important aspects that help determine whether an expert senior PPC would be successful in working with you or not. 

You can assess the culture fit by asking yourself a few questions: “Does the senior PPC expert think through the problems in the same way as you do?”, “Does he listen to your needs and concerns and take them into account?”, “Do they communicate similar to the culture?”.

Check Out the Clients List

You can also check out the client list of the senior PPC whom you are planning to hire. Reviews are the words coming from the past customers of an expert, you can rely on them as they tell about the quality of the services. 

Similarly, you can ask the senior PPC to provide you with the video testimonials of his clients. They are more likely going to be original because it is difficult to fake them. If some client has taken the pain of recording a video for a specific service, he must be happy with the work it has done.

Understand Your Budget Limitations

While hiring a PPC, you must take your budget limitations into account. First of all, you should be clear about the amount of money you are going to invest into paid ads. A senior PPC would charge you for two things, i.e. ad budget and the fees of the agency. 

Moreover, if you want your senior PPC to train people from the other industries to make them understand the technical side of PPC, you might have to pay even more for the additional services your PPC is offering you.

Don’t Ignore the Red Flags

Even if everything looks perfect, there might be some loopholes or red flags that you must not ignore. Don’t fall into the trap of an unauthentic PPC who pretends to be experienced and senior in this field. If you feel like something is not right, start looking for a better option. 

One common red flag is when a senior PPC guarantees you the results to give you some temporary relief. When it comes to marketing, there is nothing certain, so it is nearly impossible to guarantee results. No matter how great the PPC campaign is, the PPC expert can never be sure about the results.

Run A Test Campaign

What can be better than running a test campaign to be clear about what to expect next? It will take more time but it will improve the chances of success. Running a test campaign doesn’t only mean that you can analyze results but also the working style, attitude, professionalism, the questions a PPC asks, and a lot more. Moreover, you will get to know whether he can train other people for PPC or not.

If you feel like you have received full-time cooperation during the test campaign from the senior PPC, you can stop looking for other options. Also, if you don’t have time to run a test campaign, you can just discuss different ideas and plans with him. 

It is also possible that the best senior PPC won’t have enough time for the trials, you can compensate him for the amount of time he is investing. Otherwise, he might not be interested in investing hours to compete with other agencies as he would have a lot of other options in hand already.

To Sum Up

Now, you know all the best tips and tricks for hiring a senior PPC that can help you create an entire team of PPC. You must implement these tips properly to ensure that you end up with the best possible option that you don’t end up regretting later.