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In the past weeks, we’ve been discussing the importance of fit when hiring a PPC, and why it should always be a priority to hire someone who matches the culture that you are interested in building for your organization. However, the problem comes when you just don’t know what kind of person it is that you are looking for, hence, you don’t know if whoever you are hiring will fit you. So today we’ll try to guide you by reviewing the two main separations in the PPC field: The people-oriented PPC, or the one that’s almost a robot.

Basically, just as with the whole human society, PPCs can be divided into two groups: The huge technology geniuses who are always updated on what’s new and how to use it, and the most creative ones that have incredible people skills. Both of them are great choices, it really depends on what your expectations of them are. So let’s dive into the aspects that will bring out the best and worst of them, shall we? 

When it comes to handling clients 

Are you looking to hire a PPC that can directly speak to your clients, explain campaigns, show advances (and problems), and make them fall in love with your services? Then for sure, your go-to will be the people-oriented PPC. This kind of person will be more than capable of handling clients, keeping them updated, and taking care of their satisfaction. However, the tech-genius PPC will probably feel highly uncomfortable when it comes to this scenario, and more often than not they’ll end up messing up. So, when it comes to this, consider a tech genius only if you are not planning on having them actually interact with the clients.

High tech or high touch? 

Is your company all about constantly developing new products, staying updated with technologies, and taking full advantage of them? Or has your company positioned itself as one that offers very personalized strategies and support to its customers? If your case is the first one, then you should absolutely go for the tech-geniuses who can guarantee that they’ll always create an amazing campaign using the best technologies. However, if you feel more related to the second one, then maybe a tech genius won’t be your best fit, given that PPCs with people skills will probably find it much easier to develop a relationship with clients and stakeholders, create detailed strategies and provide personalized support. 

Work environment and relationships

Are you interested in having your team become close, and develop relationships with all your employees? Cause if you are, then probably a PPC that enjoys being in touch with people and socializing will definitely be the way to go here. I’m not saying that people who have technological skills won’t be good coworkers, they probably will be great, but the safer thing when looking for someone who’ll become an active part of your human team will probably be someone who feels comfortable in that position, hence, a PPC that’s more people-oriented and will make your team stronger. However, if you like keeping work and personal life separated, then the safe choice will probably be a more tech-oriented PPC that will focus on their job as much as possible. 

On the creativity side

So here we have a ty, creativity comes in all shapes and colors of PPCs, you really can’t make a separation in this aspect. However, we can divide it into two types of creativity, right? If you are interested in a PPC that’s good at coming up with and developing new products, figure out new ways to benefit from technology, or find out about new ways to manage your Ads placements, then definitely the tech genius will be the right choice to make. If you are interested in someone bringing in creativity related to innovative campaigns, design ideas, or catchy wording, then the human-touch PPC will be the way to go. 

Are you planning on training them? 

There may appear a PPC that has this killer personality, and whom you know you’d love to work with, but they don’t really have the skills required. So the situation here comes to whether or not you are willing to spend time with them, teaching them what you need them to do, helping them create great Display Ads, and overall learning the ropes of the business. If you have the time and want to spend it like this, then you can choose to hire this super cool PPC that has the most amazing people skills. However, if you, as most of us, just can’t spend your day’s side by side with a PPC teaching them everything from scratch, then don’t hesitate on hiring someone who already knows what they have to do, and how to do it great, no matter how charming they are.

So, to conclude, there is no right answer when it comes to hiring a PPC that’s a tech genius, or one that has great people skills, it really depends on what you are expecting from them, and hopefully, this article will clarify a little bit what your requirements are. So the bottom line here is one: Skills can be taught if you have the time and want to spend it in it, personality traits are something that you either have or don’t have, so whoever you hire, make sure that you really know they are a good fit for your company, your team, and yourself.