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It’s helpful to hire a PPC expert. But to find one, should you use social media to help you?

First, let’s step back and make sure we understand why it’s important to help a PPC run your campaigns. In addition to knowing how to use the PPC platforms and the right strategies for success inside out, a PPC expert should be able to analyze your business objectives and come up with a smart strategy just for your business’ needs that is implementable to improve traffic performance and ROI with their skillful technical expertise and positive attitude.

 A PPC specialist should also be able to use their expertise to advise you on how to maximize the results of a PPC campaign based on favorable metrics which align with the business goal.

Hiring a PPC Specialist can be smart, and present you with an excellent opportunity for short-term, long-term, and highly skilled technical projects which can bring great value and long-term benefits to your business. 

A few reasons you should consider outsourcing or hiring a PPC Expert: 

  • It is time-consuming to do keyword research on your own.
  • Slow tracking and data analysis lag
  • Spending on the wrong target market
  • Ineffective ads

All these erode your time and money while you could be losing potential customers.

The process of recruiting has also drastically changed in the past decade, although recruitment over social networks is quickly taking over the traditional recruitment system as the new norm.

In this day and age, a lot of companies are using their social media networks for recruitment purposes.

In addition to posting product launches, promotions, product news, about their company on their social media channels, the company now also posts on available job opportunities encouraging their engaged fans and customers to apply.

One of the main reasons companies are recruiting through social networks is because of the cost-effectiveness and time-saving nature. 

While social media plays multiple roles, it is now being used by job providers as a cost-effective way to hire their employees.

Employers have discovered that social media allows them to target and narrow down their candidate pool more effectively and quickly find talent who are qualified for the job.

In fact, 25 % of all job seekers not only use social media to connect with friends but also use it to pinpoint their upcoming career opportunities as well!

In order to attract talented PPC experts, it’s important to have a solid social recruiting strategy in place. Some social networks to consider when hiring a suitable candidate for your business would be,



 According to Jobvite– a survey report revealed that 73% of recruiters have hired candidates through social media channels namely LinkedIn and Facebook.

 Here are a few Upsides of hiring through social media networks.

  • Instant Response –Social media posts get instant responses due to the share feature on them, sharing the posts helps the post get more reach on them and attracts a larger audience on it, hence the probability of immediate response gets increased and time is saved!
  • Recruiters have found social media allows to narrow the candidate pool more effectively and quickly find individuals who are qualified for the job.
  • Lower costs- Hiring through your social networks will reduce your costs significantly, especially if you know to use the platform to your advantage, posting it on Facebook groups and pages costs nothing hence saving you a ton of resources and costs incurred in advertising with agencies, job boards, and referrals.
  • Using Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, recruiters can get a sense of where candidates spend their free time or what they might be passionate about.
  • Recruiters can view a candidate’s portfolio and previous work experience right away.

 However, there can be a few downsides as well you should be aware of when hiring through your social networks.

          May lead to Unnecessary online traffic -coming from users who do not fulfill the requirements and are not willing to work seriously, screening this pool of candidates may require you to spend time hence reducing your productivity.

         Personal feel, Body Language, and Behavioral patterns– of the potential candidate may be limited when interviewing them over social networks.

         A disadvantage for the economically weaker candidates- Potential Talent who don’t have access to social media. Some of these candidates may include the economically weaker sections of society, who don’t have the resources to reach social media.

Do your Homework!

Before looking to hire a PPC expert through your social networks, to work for you or your agency make sure you do your own research and understand the job role and function of what a PPC expert does on a day-to-day basis and their role & responsibilities.

  • So that it saves your time and theirs.
  • So that you know you are interviewing with the right candidate for the job
  • So that the potential candidate understands who you and what are your business objectives and goals for the business.

Here’s an idea of the job role a PPC Expert would perform on a day-to-day basis.

  • Overseeing existing PPC campaigns and suggest recommendations on optimizing them to perform better at lower costs
  • Coming up with attention-grabbing copy for adverts
  • Proofreading 
  • Managing accounts of clients
  • Creating and presenting detailed analysis reports of campaigns
  • Working with project management tools such as Asana/Trello for increased productivity

Here are a few tips for you to consider when hiring a PPC expert over social networks.

Once you find a match who has the skills and attitude you are looking for within your talent pool, shortlist the best candidates which match your preferences.

Once you think you have selected the right candidate for your business, have them undergo training for a smooth transition into your day-to-day work and environment.

Conduct an objective evaluation of all processes to ensure your online marketing efforts are progressing in the right direction with expected results.

In Conclusion

Recruiting over social networks can be great for the needs of today’s job seekers, who spend most of their time online, however, to create a consistent culture, you as an employer need to follow a streamlined recruiting process with meaningful onboarding and a well thought out retention strategy. Encouraging and setting an example to your employees in an atmosphere that offers respect, room for growth, and empowerment.