Do you want to run your PPC campaigns successfully? If yes, you need a highly competitive and skillful PPC manager. Since PPC professionals experience multiple situations, they know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a campaign effectively. It doesn’t matter how much you have to spend on your PPC campaign as long as you have a good PPC manager. However, if you are planning to hire a PPC manager, make sure you know all the signs which show that you have found a great one.

We will mention a few signs here that indicate that you have the best PPC manager.

Proactive Approach

The advertising industry keeps changing rapidly. The old traditional ways are long gone; it is time to be digital to reach a larger audience. Smart PPC managers have a proactive approach as they stay updated about recent trends, target audience, clients’ needs changes, and other important factors that can affect the campaign. They keep moving at a faster pace to stay ahead of their competitors. Even if the CTR (Click-Through Rate) is lower at the start of a campaign, you must remain calm as your PPC manager will know how to make the necessary tweaks to optimize the conversions. 

Calm and Composed

Digital marketing departments are constantly changing. This gives rise to different stressful and unexpected situations. However, good PPC managers don’t let panic set in when things are in critical condition. They are always ready to face whatever comes their way. So, they stay calm and composed to make informed and calculated decisions that they don’t regret later. They may pause the campaign and take their time to think about what they can do next to get desired results. So, if your PPC manager responds quickly but wisely, considers alternatives, and wins the game in the long run, you should be happy that you have found the best PPC manager.

Always Asking Questions

PPC managers that are interested in doing their jobs effectively always ask multiple relevant questions. They will spend ample time analyzing the ad spends, investigating the keywords, and finding the right audience. They won’t limit their questions to the technical aspect of the business; instead, they will go out of their way to understand the type of business you run. So, ensure you answer all of their questions patiently without getting offended, as it is one of the good traits of a PPC manager. These questions will never go to waste as good PPC managers use all the relevant information and apply it to get the results. They will keep you well-informed about the spending and reports as well.

Strong Organization Skills   

PPC managers keep jumping from one campaign to another. A single mistake can result in a loss of thousands of dollars. This means PPC managers are all over the place. One of the best signs of good PPC managers is that they organize every campaign element, from the keyword lists to ad structure. It also gives them room to experiment with new things for optimization. You don’t need to worry about blunders or mistakes if you are a client of such great PPC managers.


No one can perform exceptionally well without having an interest or enthusiasm for a specific industry or field. PPC managers who are genuinely excited about running PPC campaigns are the ones who end up standing out from the others. They keep up with the recent changes in digital media platforms. They don’t consider running PPC as just a job. They get indulged in the field to see what improvements they can make. They are happy doing what they do. It helps them drive amazing results.

Satisfied Past Clients

Another positive sign that you are in good hands is having “Satisfied Past Clients”. Great PPC managers fulfill the expectations of their clients, which further helps them get a lot of satisfied clients who are always willing to spread positive feedback about them. 

You can directly ask PPC managers to provide you with some testimonials to see how satisfied their clients are with them. Those who have been faithful to their services won’t hesitate to provide you with proof of their satisfied past clients. It shows that you can trust them and be confident about the success of your campaign.

Certifications & Experience

If you have found a certified PPC manager, this is another good sign. The certifications show that the PPC managers have relevant experience in the field or have received the best training to perform their job effectively. This way, the clients can feel relieved as certified and experienced PPC managers know all about big search engines, social media platforms, and all the other programs to make things easier.

Care and Empathy

If professionals or experts care about their work and clients more than themselves, they are more likely to perform better. The same goes for PPC managers; they get happy when their clients are happier. They take care of the emotions of their clients. They realize how big the investments are that their clients have made to run their businesses. They are empathetic enough to deal with their clients kindly. So, you won’t have to worry if you have such a caring PPC manager.