Getting conversions is becoming more challenging as only 8% of the people who watch ads on the internet end up clicking on them. It shows that most of them don’t pay attention to the ads. That’s why it’s safe to say that only a tiny fraction of the overall ad spend goes toward converting new customers. It becomes more challenging to get a conversion if your PPC expert makes a mistake. So, ensure that the PPC you hire for the next campaign knows all crucial factors.

Here are seven crucial factors that your next PPC should always remember.

Add the Human Factor

Marketers have started developing ads for the faceless audience. Professional PPC experts should never do the same. They must know whom they are targeting as ads can be based on human nature. It can have humor or a real-life situation to attract the audience. Moreover, the ad should focus on the language an ideal customer can understand. It should add value to people’s lives in one way or another to ensure that it serves the purpose effectively.

Emphasize Benefits

Marketers have started emphasizing features more nowadays. It may sound blunt, but most customers don’t care about the features of a product or service. All they want is a solution to their problems. Regardless of how fancy a product or service may seem, it is of no use to them if it doesn’t fulfill the customers’ needs. 

Professional PPC experts know they should highlight the benefits of the products in the ad to get more eyeballs on it. The ads they create must appeal to individual preferences, needs, and requirements. They should also identify the target audience’s pain points to represent them in the ads and offer multiple benefits accordingly.

Take Social Issues Seriously

Marketers have become very casual in the way they address social issues. This backfires on them as they don’t realize the subject’s sensitivity. While hiring a PPC expert, make sure you choose one who understands how to present a social issue in ads to avoid the risk of having any opposite effect.

For instance, if they make a reference to racism in their ads, they must do it so that the customers don’t feel like they are just taking advantage of the tragedy to achieve their marketing objectives. There shouldn’t be any negative or second thoughts. The message should be clear; otherwise, it might damage the brand’s reputation and lead to a significant loss in business.

Use the Power of Words

A good PPC expert should always appreciate the power of words while creating and running ads. The ad copy can have a long-lasting impact on the audience if done correctly. So, be wise and hire your next PPC carefully. They must be among those professional PPC experts who pay attention to details regarding headings, font, call to action, and propositions. The message should be easy to understand and short. 

The use of powerful verbs can help appeal to human emotion. If a PPC expert uses the words properly, they can also create a sense of urgency among the audience to make them buy a specific product or service. You can directly ask the PPC expert you plan to hire whether he can use the words correctly or not. First, he must tell you if he requires a writer’s services to make the ad copy appealing.

Keep Track Of Ad Performance

You need to keep track of the results to measure the ad’s performance. Advertising is an art that only good PPC experts can master. They can use different color schemes, text, and images to see which works for a business. Moreover, they should know how to measure the performance level of the ad through data collection and fair comparison. They must be fearless in taking calculated risks and keep constant checks and balances on the ad performance. It would help them make necessary tweaks in the campaign to get the desired results.

Use Social Media Tools

Social media offers the best tools to advertise products and services to a larger audience. It helps brands connect with their customers to improve the chances of conversions. However, only some people know how to use these social media tools effectively and things might go in the wrong direction, resulting in significant losses if done improperly. So, when you hire your next PPC expert, make sure he knows how to use social media tools to make the campaigns successful. He must know how to explain the purpose clearly to the audience to achieve the goal.

For instance, McDonald’s used the hashtag #McDStories to promote their advertising campaign. The purpose was to encourage people to share their good or nostalgic experiences at Mcdonald’s. It didn’t work, and people started using the same hashtag to share their bad dining experiences and complaints. The point is to learn the lesson from others’ bad experiences and ensure that your PPC expert knows how to avoid such incidents.

Market To The New Audience

If your PPC expert is spending a huge portion of the investment on marketing the products to the existing audience, he still needs some help. It is a common mistake that most marketers and PPC experts make. It doesn’t help get a significant return in the long run. So, your PPC expert must spend money and time attracting new audiences through the ads. The offer, image, copy, and everything else should be on point to encourage people to share the ads with their friends, relatives, and other people they know.