Budget Allocation

Budget allocation plays a vital role in PPC, so PPC managers must know their way around it. Experts are always aware of the different attributions of the campaign to set the budget accordingly. They understand that you are paying dollars for every single click, so they also keep an eye on the core Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). They also keep a check and balance on different parameters to ensure that they have allocated the budget effectively.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis is another essential skill that every PPC manager must have. The best PPC professionals analyze the strategies of their competitors to make sure that they do something different to distinguish your business from the competition in the market. They use competitor research to find out the best keywords for the campaign. They also know how to use different tools like Google Analytics that can serve the purpose. Moreover, they stay updated about the entries of new competitors in the market that can change the dynamics.

Knowledge of the Customer Journey

The best PPC experts also know about their customer’s journey. It helps them create such ads which can make customers click on them. They also understand the purpose of the ads, whether they aim to build brand awareness or increase conversions, and then create content keeping the goal in mind.

Good Communication Skills

Communication is another crucial skill that the PPC manager you hire must have. Good PPC managers are trained to have excellent verbal or written communication. They know how to convey their ideas and thoughts to their clients. They are not only good at communicating but also listening. They listen to their client’s needs, concerns, and desires to ensure they are satisfied with the entire process. A good communicator and listener can also quickly develop trust with clients.


It is the most overlooked and underestimated marketing skill a PPC manager must have. You will see professional experts telling a story of the process and performance to their team and clients. It is a way to make sure that everyone remembers what they say. The mind gets activated the same way while listening to the story of someone’s experience as it would be after experiencing something itself. So this way, PPC managers can share the monthly reports in the best possible way by infusing the story with statistics and data.

Attention to Detail

Not everyone understands the importance of this skill. However, you must consider this while searching for your PPC manager. When interviewing PPC managers, you must observe who pays attention to detail. PPC managers have a huge responsibility of managing and structuring campaigns, which they can’t fulfil without paying attention to important details such as bidding options, targeting options, audiences, lists, match types, geolocation, keywords, time of the day and day of the week, and so many more.

Growth Mindset

PPC managers’ current knowledge and skills will never be enough to perform their jobs if they don’t have a mindset of continuous growth. Their thirst for growth can help boost their performance level and capabilities. With a fixed mindset, they might get stuck at one point for their entire life. In the long run, it will also affect your campaign’s performance.

Willing to Learn and Change

PPC campaigns might go differently than expected even after successfully executing all the plans and strategies. PPC managers must have this skill to accept failure if something doesn’t work and continue to keep moving forward. They must have the enthusiasm to learn more and embrace the changes positively. It helps them stay on top of the game.


The success of the PPC campaign is not possible without good teamwork. PPC managers must know how to collaborate with their team members and marketing professionals. They should keep things transparent and understand every team member’s needs to work with them more efficiently. It will help the entire team and ensure the campaign’s success.


The more experience a PPC manager has, the better it will be for you. So, while hiring a PPC manager, make sure you take their experience into account. If a PPC manager has a similar experience of working with a campaign and budget like yours, consider it as the best option for you. 

The approach for different budget plans will vary. For instance, a company with a smaller budget might have less extensive data for marketers to analyze, so they won’t have to check it daily or hourly. But with bigger budgets, the requirements of the data will be different. If you hire the wrong PPC managers who haven’t experienced tackling more extensive data and budgets, they might lose it after facing a massive pool of money. So, make sure you hire someone confident and experienced enough to handle your PPC campaign in the future.


Another vital skill for a PPC manager is copywriting. It is an integral part of PPC advertising as you have limited space in search engine marketing to keep your content in front of the public’s eye. So, the PPC manager you hire must know how to use the most powerful words for your campaign to make it successful and get more eyeballs on the content.