You can only trust an expert on PPC (Pay per click). However, you must put all of the PPC experts to the test to ensure that you hire the best one. You can prepare a list of essential questions for your shortlisted PPC managers. It will help you filter out the right PPC expert to run your PPC campaign effectively.

Here are eight essential questions you must ask PPC managers before making a final decision.

What Will You Do If Plan “A” Doesn’t Work? 

Everything doesn’t always go according to plan when running a PPC campaign. So, this is one of the best questions you can ask PPC managers. They should have a plan “B” if things don’t work out. Moreover, they must know how to take calculated risks to learn something new but still keep things under control. They would immediately know when to “undo” any recent change that doesn’t deliver the desired results. So, when you ask this question to all the PPC managers you are interviewing, the right PPC expert will come up with the best possible solutions to help handle critical situations.

How Many Keywords Would be ‘Enough’ Keywords For An Ad Group?

Keywords play a vital role in making your PPC campaign successful. Most PPC managers prefer to have a bulk of keywords in an ad group. However, the right PPC expert would tell you that the success of the campaign depends more on the relevancy of the keywords than the amount. If you have 40 irrelevant keywords in an ad group, they will not serve any purpose. The ad copy should be so well written that it should speak to every term. The same goes for the creative; it must be relevant to the keywords to improve the quality of content and user experience. 

What Are Your Expertise and Background?

PPC experts can easily plan, create, and optimize campaigns. It is the basic job that every PPC manager knows how to do. However, you must know about the expertise of the PPC expert you are planning to hire. It is best to have someone with experience in SEO, copywriting, Google Analytics, conversion optimization, and more. The right PPC experts would understand your concern and answer with their highest experience level. They would let you know about their experience with their previous jobs, the training they received, their biggest achievements with online campaigns so far, the experience of leading teams, a skillset that has grown during the last years, and so much more to ensure that you have a clear idea about their background and experience in this field.

How Would You Integrate Multiple PPC Platforms?

If you plan to use multiple PPC platforms, make sure you ask your shortlisted PPC managers a question regarding the integration of those platforms. This will help analyze the skillset of all PPC managers to see who has more potential. The right PPC experts would acknowledge the importance of integration and how it can help maximize the campaign’s effectiveness. They would know that each PPC platform has its strengths and weakness, so the best they can do is to integrate them in a way that helps achieve the desired goal. They would be willing to create an integrated strategy like creating custom landing pages for each platform, ensuring the ads are targeted properly, and optimizing bids. Moreover, they would keep an eye on the performance of the campaign to see whether it is meeting the goal or not.

What Would You Do If a Competitor’s Ad Performs Better Than Yours?

This question will help you analyze which PPC expert has exceptional problem-solving skills. It will also help assess their ability to adapt. If they answer this question in a way that shows they are willing to improve and make necessary changes in the campaign, you must be happy that you have made the right selection. Good PPC experts would go the extra mile to analyze the ad’s performance to ensure it yields better results than the competitor’s ads. Moreover, they would consider all factors to determine what is influencing performance.

How Would You Know If the Conversion Tracking Is Working Properly?

Feel free to ask PPC managers about the technicalities of the PPC campaign. It will emphasize how much serious you are about making your campaigns successful. Moreover, it will help you shortlist the right PPC expert based on the different answers you receive. The right PPC expert will have the right approach to utilize the extensions to ensure the conversion tracking is working properly. You will also get a few names of renowned extensions that help dig into the issue to resolve it.

What Tools Do You Use for Keyword Research?

To be able to answer the questions about keyword research tools, you must also be familiar with a few well-known ones like WordTracker, Google Keyword tool, Search term reports, WordStream’s Niche Finder, and more. The right PPC experts will also inform you about a few tools they have used before to get desirable results. They might also give you a detailed insight into how these tools work to make the campaign successful.

Why Did You Choose PPC As A Career?

This question will help ensure that the PPC manager you hire is genuinely interested in digital advertising. Professional PPC experts will be enthusiastic about their role in making a campaign successful. They might also tell you about some pleasant working experiences in the industry and their contribution to the organization they work in. They will have all the right tactics and strategies to help grow online businesses.