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Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about how and why you should hire a PPC. And we’ve also been deep diving into the many different characteristics that you could be searching for, or not, on the PPC you are looking to hire. And the thing is PPC experts come in all shapes and sizes, so it’d probably be very hard for a company to be absolutely unable to find a PPC that fits them. However, every rule comes with certain exceptions. 

For whatever reason, either budget, chemistry, or lack of will to hire, sometimes companies have a lot of trouble finding a PPC they actually like and offering them a job. And even when they get there, maybe the PPC’s expectations were higher, and they decide to reject the job. So companies start to think “if there was only a way to hire a PPC with no strings attached, that I can try and say goodbye to if we are not a good match…” and guess what: there is! 

These days there’s a lot of people who don’t feel related or happy about working at a corporation or agency, and that chooses to be self-employed, and handle their work, schedules, and life on their own. These days, we know them as freelancers, and today we’ll be discussing why they might be a good alternative for your hiring game. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 

How long term is your project? 

If you are looking for a PPC that will be in charge of a campaign that has a finish line, and then you’ll probably have them hanging in there waiting for responsibilities to come, then a freelancer can be a great choice. Basically, you can just go ahead and hire a PPC to take out display ads for this specific project, and nothing else. And who knows, maybe they are so great you actually want to hire them again sometime. The thing is that, for long-term projects, it’s usually better and more practical to have a permanent employee that will be there for you 24/7, but for temporary projects, freelancers can be an awesome alternative. 

Is there anything you’ll have to train them in? 

If what you need is a PPC with a rather common skill that will be easy to find and easy to explain the task to, then hiring a freelancer will probably be a good way to go. However, if you’ll have to dedicate time to teaching your PPC some stuff (such as your company’s software, or any other specifics that your campaign needs) then maybe a permanent employee will be a better choice to make. Basically, if you’ll have to invest time and energy in them so they make a successful job, it’s a bit of a waste to do it with a freelancer that will be gone once the project is over. Time and energy should be saved for long-term employees. 

Budget problems

If you are hiring someone on a budget, then you definitely should consider hiring a freelancer that will probably cost you a lot less than a permanent PPC. If you believe you need a permanent employee, then you definitely have to make sure you can afford one, or else no one will really accept that offer. Freelancer PPCs, such as most employees these days thanks to globalization, can be hired overseas, and you can end up giving the opportunity to a foreigner to work for a salary that works for them and benefits you a lot. This is, of course, if you are willing to hire a PPC from another country.

Quality of the job done 

Think of freelancers as small one-person agencies that look for clients for themselves, and care a lot about keeping them. Freelancers will always go out of their way to make sure they deliver a good job because, if they don’t, not only you may never hire them again, but also you might spread the word about the bad service they gave you. And a one-person PPC agency can’t afford to have people trash-talking them. Of course, a long-term PPC can also deliver an incredible job, but they also will be taking their jobs much more for granted. 

Relationship building 

No matter how great a job a freelancer PPC can deliver, the relationship you may build with them will never be able to compare to the one you can build with a long-term PPC. Basically, because you’ll be able to see them everyday, have non-work-related conversations, work along with each other, among many other things. So, if you are looking for a PPC with whom you’ll want to bond, then definitely hire someone for the long term. However, if a good enough professional relationship works for you, then there’s no harm in having a PPC that works for themselves. 

So basically, the bottom line comes to this: are you looking for a PPC who’ll do a good job now, or are you looking for someone who should be up for a long ride? Once you’ve figured that out, you’ll have your answer as to whether or not you should hire a freelancer. And of course, it’s also very important to highlight that every freelancer experience is different and that there’s no reason why you wouldn’t end up becoming besties with them.