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So this week we are going to be discussing an issue that’s many times disregarded but that’s actually something that we should pay a lot of attention to: Should we hire a PPC individual expert or a specialized agency? Both options have their pros and cons, so let’s get to it and figure out which option best suits our needs. 

Dealing with people

Since we are human beings, we can’t expect to get along with every single person we know and so, when hiring someone, it’s very important to take into consideration how working with them could be. Hereby, individual PPCs have a huge pro: It’s much easier to choose one person to work with than choosing an entire team. No matter how easy-going we believe we are, there is nearly no way that we are compatible with a whole group of people, even when we are talking just about work-related stuff. Of course, none of this is too important if you are planning on doing just a one week project with them so there is not such a big need of becoming best friends. So basically figure out how much patience you can invest in this, how important it is to you, the work environment you are in, and how long you are looking to work with these people. 

How needy are you?

I love how this question could easily appear on a teen magazine test, but this is actually something very important to think about when looking to hire someone. If you are the kind of employer who needs attention 24/7 and is constantly pushing their employees to do more and more, you’ll have to consider the next few things. First of all, calm down. Secondly, you see, if you hire just one PPC expert, he probably won’t have infinite hours to dedicate to your project, meanwhile, a team of experts probably will be able to suit your requirements better. On the other hand, a solo PPC will give his attention exclusively to you, while an agency has more clients to attend. Both options have a good and a bad side, so we’ll have to call it a tie and let you choose if you care more about time dedicated or exclusivity.  

Niche Specialization

In the Display Ad world, there are one thousand ways to approach a project. Here you’ll have to think about what it is that you want your employee to be good at. If you want him to do, for example, just Google Ads, then that’s an easy one: You hire someone who is an expert in Google Ads. If your project idea requires more specialties, then you are facing a different challenge: An individual PPC probably won’t have as many qualifications as a whole PPC team. Since they are a bunch of people, whatever it is that one of them is not an expert on, another one will be able to fill in so you’ll have all your needs covered. Taking this into account, you’ll have to decide what you need from your PPC before choosing between team or individual. 

PPC Specialization

Even when we are talking about PPC-only experts, we have a lot to think about. An Ad doesn’t create itself spontaneously, there is a whole process before launching one and that involves a lot of areas including technology, psychology, creativity, graphic design, writing and editing, client management, and targeting among others. As good as a PPC expert can be, probably relying on one person for all of those things will not be the greatest idea. Even if he knows about all of them, an agency will have one particular expert for each area which means everything will be carefully thought through and handled by an actual specialist. 


More often than not, individual PPCs are much cheaper. Maybe because they are freelancers, because they are just starting, because they have just one area of expertise, or whatever their reason is, they tend to cost much less. Agencies are usually more established in the market and offer much more stuff so they choose what to charge and are hardly as flexible as a solo worker can be. If you have a rather small budget dedicated to this, you’ll probably find it better to hire someone to whom you can pay less money. However, my tip for you is: Make sure this person knows what they are doing because there is some truth in the saying “You get what you pay for”, so be careful. 

Time investment

When you are hiring one person to join your company, there are lots of things to do plus the actual working part. This new PPC will have to learn the ropes of the c0mpany and get used to your way of working in order to suit your needs. When hiring a whole PPC agency or team, you won’t face these challenges because you probably won’t need to. They are their own agency and don’t need to learn about your internal process in order to give you a good product because they already have a successful way of working. Of course, that way will have to adapt to every client itself, but we can say they have most of these things automated. If you are looking to hire someone for life and are happy to teach them everything, then your individual PPC expert will be a good choice and it can be very rewarding to have someone that fits in well with your company and actually cares about it. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a fine product and don’t have a lot of time, the agency will be the best decision to make. 

So, to conclude, pretty much the whole PPC hunt comes down to figuring out your needs and conditions. Both individual experts and PPC agencies have their good sides and bad sides, but we believe that the best work gets done when you find a work-perfect match. So, go ahead, make your own pro-con and, when you are done, you’ll be more than able to find an individual PPC expert or a specialized agency that fits you the best.