PPC resources are an essential part of successful marketing campaigns. If you are considering hiring a PPC manager, make sure he knows how to use these resources to save time, get more leads, and generate revenue for you. If he doesn’t have the detailed know-how of these resources, the chances of an online ad campaign being successful will decrease.

What Are the Essential PPC Resources?

You should know the essential resources to find the best PPC. Here are a few of them mentioned to enlighten you.


There are multiple training resources to train professionals about how to do their job efficiently. It includes Google Partners, Bing Ads training, and WordStream PPC University. PPC managers can learn everything from here – from basic to advanced level skills. After completing the training, they can also give the test and get the certificates. It is a valuable addition to their resume as well.


Tools help professionals keep a check and balance on the performance of their PPC campaigns. There are many incredible tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, WordStream Keyword Niche Finder, and much more. Any PPC expert would know how to use these tools to analyze the monthly searches, competition, and annual trends to find the right keywords and target audience. This way, the probability of bidding on the right keyword also increases, further accelerating the profit.

Blogs and News

Good PPC managers also spend time reading blogs and news to stay current. They gather knowledge and information about case studies, Google Analytics, current trends, competitors, and tech. They also get recommendations from multiple blogs and news. It helps them perform their actions by keeping the advanced PPC environment in mind to improve their chances of success further.


Communities are a great place to get advice for PPC managers stuck in a critical situation. They can ask whatever questions come into their minds from the community to take advantage of others’ experiences.


Books are another valuable PPC resource containing all the information about the right strategies, tips, web analytic skills, and methods to run a marketing campaign. These are especially helpful for medium to advanced-level PPC managers who aim to generate more leads and profits.

Tips to Find the Best PPC Manager Who Knows His Way Around Essential PPC Resources

Now that you know about all the essential PPC resources, it will help you find the right PPC manager. Here are a few tips to ensure you find what you are looking for.

Track Record

A best PPC manager would have the relevant experience and track record of setting accounts, selecting the right keywords, applying practical strategies, tweaking regular campaigns, finalizing the budget, and managing other technicalities. So, going for an inexperienced PPC manager without considering the track record will result in a significant loss. So, when you start finding PPC managers for your campaign, you can ask them to directly give you an insight into their streamlined process of managing the campaign successfully.

Familiarity with New Features and Trends

Popular search engines like Google AdWords keep updating their products and features to create ease for marketers. Smart PPC managers keep themselves aware of all the new features, trends, and tech to maximize the profit of your marketing campaign. So, when you shortlist the PPC managers, make sure you question the latest features to see how well they are aware of them.

Feedback and Reporting

Feedbacks help professionals analyze their performance level. PPC managers should take feedback from their clients positively. When you start searching for the PPC manager, ask each of them to provide you with a few reliable references to know about their opinions. 

Similarly, a good PPC must willingly update the clients about the changing requirements, the performance of the campaign, and other critical factors through weekly or monthly reports. They should have a team that understands the importance of your business goal to bring out the best desirable results.

Budget Allocation

A PPC who knows about the ins and outs of marketing would allocate your budget smartly. If PPC managers stay unaware of the current circumstances, they can’t decide which product or service they should prefer while allocating the budget. On the other hand, a reliable PPC manager won’t hesitate to optimize the budget plan even later according to the campaign performance.

Tech- and Internet-Savvy

PPC managers are responsible for running ads for your business. Thus, they must be tech- and internet-savvy. They must have experience using different tools, software, methods, etc. to make the ads work quickly. Moreover, they should know how to work with Excel sheets, Google docs, and other helpful apps. It doesn’t mean they need to be programmers, but they must know how to find their way around the internet easily.


PPC managers must know what changes they need to make to the ads to increase click-through rate and conversions. They should get the data and analyze it properly to predict the outcomes. They would again need the right expertise and skills to use the tracking tools to get the data. It will help them make calculated decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Innovative and Intuitive

To better understand the trends, PPC managers must be intuitive enough to make specific tweaks to the campaign to make it more effective. Without improvisation and innovative thought process, they won’t be able to capture the attention of their targeted audience. It will also help draw the clients’ attention away from the competitors.