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Tabinda has been writing since forever, and it seems that her educational background in Economics, politics, management sciences, and psychology has given her an incredibly deep and comprehensive approach when it comes to display ads and PPC.
8 07, 2022

Why is Culture Important When Hiring a PPC?


In this article, we will talk about the role culture plays in the hiring of a PPC. Every company must know the importance of culture when making such a decision.

Why is Culture Important When Hiring a PPC?2022-07-08T17:50:18-04:00
24 06, 2022

Tips to Hire A Senior PPC


Hiring a Senior PPC can help you in more than one way. It won’t just optimize your ad campaigns and create a strategy but also train people from other industries for PPC. However, you should know which aspects you should take into account while hiring a senior PPC. There are [...]

Tips to Hire A Senior PPC2022-06-24T18:04:16-04:00
13 06, 2022

Right Brain vs. Left Brain: How Are Both Halves of the Brain Important for a PPC?


Every PPC expert would have a different marketing style. Some prefer to focus on the facts, while others try to play around with different things. Similarly, some users are more attracted to traditional ads, while others find unique and modern ads more appealing. This marketing style or personality can be [...]

Right Brain vs. Left Brain: How Are Both Halves of the Brain Important for a PPC?2022-06-13T19:13:57-04:00

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Here's a problem with asking for recommendations online: the recommender is usually getting paid in some form. Perhaps it is a huge ad placement on Clutch, or perhaps it is a commission or perhaps they're really an affiliate partner. At Find a PPC, we're not getting any compensation or bonus, but flipping the question on its head: how can we best serve our certified members? As long as a PPC is participating in our community, we want to give them as many benefits as possible. And a good, on-target client for them is a great benefit, isn't it? We think so!

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